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With ZippyAssist, you can report your problem in less than 2 minutes. Provide your employees an unmatched customer service in Central Florida and Orlando.

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frequently asked questions and
answers to make your decision easy

1How does ZippyAssist work?
Let’s say you got your bag of chips, but you were overcharged. In less than 2 minutes, you can text the number, take a picture of the incorrect price, and request a refund. It’s easy!
2Does ZippyAssist support multiple languages?
Yes, ZippyAssist can support multiple languages if this is something you need. Inquire for more information.
3Does your refund accommodate various purchase methods?
Yes, we have various refund methods. Inquire with us for details.
4Can I do more than report issues?
Absolutely. You can suggest products you’d like to see in your market or vending machine, suggest feedback for making the kiosk checkout easier, or simply let us know something needs to be restocked.

Have additional inquiries about how ZippyAssist simplifies your daily routine? Contact us at 407-538-3588 or email us at for service in Central Florida and Orlando.

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