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Freshly Frozen Treats in a Snap in Orlando and Sanford!

Introducing ColdSnap®: Enjoy Freshly Frozen Treats in Minutes!

Experience a new era of frozen treats right in your Orlando workplace with ColdSnap®! Indulge in luxuriously smooth premium ice cream, wholesome frozen protein shakes, delightful frozen lattes, and more. This innovative countertop appliance crafts freshly frozen treats from convenient shelf-stable pods in just two minutes.

What Exactly is ColdSnap®?

Treat yourself to freshly frozen delights with ColdSnap®, the groundbreaking countertop appliance. With ColdSnap®, you can whip up delicious frozen treats using single-serve pods in a mere two minutes.

Discover a wide selection of premium ice cream and dairy-free frozen desserts. And don’t miss out on our frozen lattes, nutritious frozen protein shakes, and even alcoholic ice cream! ColdSnap makes its frozen delights with top-quality ingredients, blending milk, cream, and real fruit for a rich and creamy texture. Our unique freezing process ensures perfection every time.

Frozen Treats: The Perfect Break Room Addition

Spoil your team with frozen treats in your Orlando break room or enhance your Sanford office coffee service with frozen lattes. This convenient service is a breeze to incorporate into your break room routine.

No more hassle with preparation and messy cleanup. Simply insert a ColdSnap pod into the machine when you’re craving a treat. In just two minutes, your delicious treat is elegantly dispensed into a waiting bowl below. Plus, there’s no need for cleanup, as food never touches the machine throughout the freezing, mixing, and dispensing process.

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Creamy, rich, and delicious with 14% milkfat. Indulge with our freshly frozen ice cream–the way ice cream is supposed to taste! Our foundation is a blend of simple ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and all natural flavors. A decadent 14% milkfat ice cream that is, by definition, premium. Enhanced through the proprietary ColdSnap system that produces ice cream with the smallest ice crystals possible. Four ice cream flavors to choose from, Protein shakes, Smoothies and Snappuccino.  What’s not to love!

Not only is ColdSnap’s frozen treat system convenient, but it’s also environmentally friendly. ColdSnap stores its pods at room temperature and freezes them on demand, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions compared to traditional frozen products.

Key Benefits of ColdSnap® for Your Orlando and Sanford Workplace

ColdSnap® is the perfect addition to your Orlando vending machines or micro-market, offering your employees sweet treats or healthy snacks whenever they desire. Here are the benefits your team will enjoy with this innovative appliance:

  • Delicious Frozen Treats: Indulge in freshly frozen delights, including premium ice cream, frozen protein shakes, and frozen lattes made with premium ingredients.
  • Personalized for Each Employee: Enjoy single servings of various product categories and flavors in just two minutes, with no flavor cross-contact.
  • Convenient: Easy to set up with no plumbing or drainage required, this portable countertop appliance only needs a standard wall outlet. It’s effortlessly elegant technology.
  • Sustainable: Reduce carbon emissions by 30% compared to traditional shipping and storing methods, thanks to ColdSnap’s shelf-stable pods that don’t require refrigeration during transit or storage.

Treat Your Team to Frozen Sweets with Gator Refresh

At Gator Refresh, we dedicate ourselves to enhancing your break room experience in Orlando and Sanford. Whatever you need to energize your team, we cover you.

Ready to get started? Contact Gator Refresh today at 407-538-3586! We’re eager to share more about our Orlando and Sanford vending and break room services.

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5 Ways to Make Your Orlando, Maitland, and UCF Break Room a Valuable Employee Benefit

Want to make your workplace even better? Try updating your Orlando break room so it’s more than just a place to eat lunch, but a perk for everyone! That way it can even help increase morale and boost retention. Here’s how to upgrade your break room for an employee benefit your team will love.

Give It a Makeover

Does your break room need a refresh? Give it a makeover! A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference, and it’s an easy fix that can be scheduled for over the weekend. Also, think about adding some plants to the break space. This not only makes the room look better but also helps clean the air, making it healthier to breathe. Overall, plants bring a bit of nature inside, making it a happier and more vibrant workspace. A few simple touches will go far!

Break Room Benefit: Micro-Markets

Say goodbye to vending machines and hello to a Maitland micro-market! It’s like having a small store right in your break room. You can find all sorts of snacks, drinks, and even fresh food. This makes it easy for everyone to find something they like, and it’s healthier too! This is one employee benefit that everyone at the office will thank you for.

Use It for Group Activities

Make your break room a welcoming place for gathering and getting to know each other. You could have meditation sessions during lunch or talks about money management. It’s a great way for everyone to learn something new and bond with their coworkers. This can benefit your team by helping them feel supported both in and outside of work. The result? Happy and healthy employees!

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Celebrate Wins at Work

Let your team know when they’re doing a great job! You can put up messages in the break room for work anniversaries or when a team hits their goals. You could even give them micro-market credits or free vend vouchers to buy snacks as a reward. Who doesn’t love free food? Showing appreciation for your team is a small touch that can make a big impact.

Coffee Benefit: A Corporate Cafe

Upgrade your office coffee game! Instead of just one type of coffee, offer a variety of options. You might consider single-cup coffee machines that brew coffee by the cup so everyone can get the blend or brand they want. Having different coffee choices can make mornings (and afternoons) better. And great UCF coffee service is a benefit that everyone can get behind.

Use a Service Provider Who Cares

One of the most overlooked ways to better use your break room is to switch to a high-quality break room service provider. By teaming up with a company like Gator Refresh, you can make sure your break room stays modern and fresh. We’ll keep the Orlando vending machines full and take care of all of your break room needs. That means less stress for you and more benefits for employees!

So, why wait? Give your Orlando, Maitland, and UCF break room a boost today and see the benefits for yourself! Contact us at 407-538-3586 to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you!