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How to Make Your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Break Room More Earth-Friendly

It’s important to think about ways we can be kinder to the Earth at work. So, it’s time to chat about turning your Orlando break room into an earth-friendly oasis. Not sure where to start? Let us help you! We’ve got some simple steps that not only help our planet but also make your break time even better. Here’s how to get started.

Earth-Friendly Coffee Choices

Let’s start with the basics – coffee. Our Oviedo office coffee service has your back with some eco-friendly options. For example, we can get coffees certified by the Rainforest Alliance and FairTrade. Rainforest Alliance means the coffee is grown in a way that’s friendly to nature. FairTrade ensures that coffee farmers are treated fairly. Whether you’re into traditional coffee pots or single-cup pods, we’ve got sustainable choices for your caffeine fix.

Snack Smart in Your Micro-Market

Snacks make the break room more fun, right? Why not pick ones that are good for you and the Earth? Look for FairTrade chocolate in your Sanford micro-market. That way, you’re supporting fair pay and responsible farming.

No micro-market? You can also request eco-snacks like plant-based jerky for your Orlando vending machine. It’s better for the environment and keeps you healthy too!

Orlando Micro-Markets | Oviedo Office Coffee | Sanford Earth-Friendly Water Filtration Service

Sort Your Trash and Recycling

Let’s get serious about recycling. Make it easy for everyone by having separate bins for trash and recycling. Label them so everyone knows what goes where. And here’s an idea – keep everyone in the loop about how much recycling is happening. Share the numbers in company updates to get everyone involved and excited to contribute. Small steps like these make a big difference!

Go for Oviedo Water Filtration

Stay hydrated in an eco-friendly way by going for a water filtration service. Provide reusable water bottles and cups to your team so you can reduce the company’s plastic waste. It’s a group effort! Filtered water also tastes great because chemicals and bacteria are taken out. Plus, it’s handy for both hot and cold drinks. Not only does clean and healthy water help make your break room greener, but it also helps keep employees hydrated. And hydration is key for feeling good and being productive at work.

Don’t Wait to Upgrade to an Earth-Friendly Break Room

With Gator Refresh, making your Sanford break room earth-friendly is easy and fun. With green choices in your break room — from coffee and snacks to recycling and water — you’re not only doing good for the planet but also your employees. So, let’s make a move towards a greener and more eco-friendly break room. Your team and our planet will thank you!

Ready to learn more? Contact Gator Refresh today at 407-538-3586 to get started!

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Revitalize Your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Office Coffee Experience: A Three-Step Guide to Superior Coffee

Are you tired of boring office coffee? If your break room coffee makes you long for a latte, we can help. Gator Refresh will transform your workplace coffee experience. Say goodbye to stale, uninspiring coffee. We offer fresh, tasty coffee in every cup you serve.

Bring better coffee to your office with our three-step guide. Improving your Orlando office coffee experience is as easy as one, two, three.

1) Upgrade Your Orlando Coffee Machine

A new coffee machine can give your Orlando break room a boost. Gator Refresh offers a variety of coffee machines to suit your needs. Learn more about our coffee options.

  • Bean-to-Cup Machines: Enjoy freshly ground beans for each cup. This maximizes flavor and freshness. These coffee machines offer a wide range of specialty drinks. Sip on a tasty espresso or a flat white. Each employee can make their favorite drink.
  • Single Cup Machines: Single-cup machines allow each employee to choose their favorite brew. This helps reduce waste. You’ll never have to drink cold, stale coffee again. Plus, everyone gets their ideal cup of coffee every time.
  • Traditional Coffee Machines: Brew coffee by the pot with our traditional coffee machines. That way you can easily serve a crowd. It’s also a cost-effective solution.

Any of the above options are an excellent choice. Coffee is an office staple that fuels your team. Plus, this drink is the perfect complement to a snack from your Oviedo vending machine.

2) Elevate Your Orlando Office Coffee Service

Orlando Break Room | Oviedo Office Coffee | Sanford Micro-Market

Discover the benefits of our Orlando office coffee service. We provide everything you need so your team can drink the best coffee every day. This break room service is also a perfect fit for your Sanford office pantry or micro-market.

With Gator Refresh, you can choose from a range of premium coffees. Brew fresh, aromatic roasts every time. We offer both local blends and popular brands. There’s something for everyone.

Plus, we ensure your coffee machine runs perfectly. Our friendly staff clean and maintain the machine, keeping it in top condition. Caring for your coffee machine means you can drink the best coffee every day.

Finally, our office coffee service is easy to use. Order your coffee supplies online and we’ll deliver them to your office. We have everything you need. From creamers to stir sticks and sweeteners, we stock your break room with all the essentials.

3) Add Water Filtration Service to Your Coffee Service

Did you know that filtered water improves the taste of coffee? A filtration service can change your workplace’s coffee. How? Water quality plays a big role in the taste of coffee and tea. Our Orlando water filtration service provides fresh, pure water which increases the taste of your office coffee and tea.

Great office water does more than provide a delicious cup of coffee. It also encourages your team to drink enough water. Good hydration leads to better overall health and productivity. You can also offer Orlando beverage vending to keep your team hydrated. That way, everyone can hydrate their way.

Try Our Orlando Office Coffee Service

A coffee service can take your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford break room to the next level. Motivate and energize your team with tasty coffee. A new coffee station can even boost teamwork. Plus, a cup of joe is the perfect companion to snacks from our vending machines.

We are here to help improve your Orlando office coffee experience. Contact us to try our coffee for yourself! We’d be happy to organize a tasting. Get in touch at 407-538-3586 to learn more. With our help, you can create a coffee culture your team will love.

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Taking Breaks Actually Boosts Orlando, Oviedo & Sanford Employee Performance

Research supports the value of coffee and lunch breaks at the office. Taking breaks is good for performance and avoiding conditions such as burnout. How so? Consider that focus is finite. It’s the power in a battery that lets a member of your staff work on a task. What happens when the power is used up, but there’s still work to be done? Does the staff member push on, forcing more productivity even if it’s subpar? Or can they get a recharge? One of the best ways for staff to recharge is by taking breaks. The stop in work for a short period of time lets the mind relax or reset.

To fully benefit from the power of breaks, offering a space isn’t enough. Instead, the break room should be part of your workplace culture and inviting. That’s where Gator Refresh can help. We specialize in optimizing break rooms. That way, you get the most out of your team. Here are some ways you can boost productivity with breaks.

Breaks Must Come From the Top

Office supervisors and managers need to have a positive attitude about breaks. From articles or podcasts, they need to see the value of stepping away from the computer or job, briefly.

Besides knowing the value of breaks, bosses need to take breaks themselves. This sets the tone for the staff, showing that it’s okay, even good to take that brief time off.

Micro-Market Orlando | Oviedo Office Coffee Breaks | Sanford Coffee by the Cup

Schedule Breaks into the Day

If your workplace culture has avoided breaks, try adding them in with a set schedule. This lets employees plan for the breaks. It can also avoid crowding at the Orlando vending machine by staggering department break times.

Create a Welcoming Break Space

Design a break room that’s comfortable and offers refreshments. Vending machines are perfect for offering cold drinks on demand and snacks that help fuel the body. Gator Refresh can offer healthy choices in the vending machine too.

Want a more upscale refreshment solution? Try our Oviedo micro-markets. The open design with shelves and coolers allows more options. There are hundreds of bagged snacks, treats, fresh food, dairy choices, and cold drink options. The open design makes it feel more like a mini store inside your Sanford break room.

Create a Coffee Station

A hot cup of coffee is a break standard. Traditional Orlando office coffee brewers make it easy to brew gourmet coffee for a big office. If you want more variety, try our Oviedo single-cup coffee service. The different pods offer each team member a chance to brew his or her favorite coffee or hot drink. Then the coffee, and even hot tea, are always fresh.

Effective Breaks Need Support and Leading Break Room Services

Taking a coffee break or lunch break is good for performance. It lets your mind recharge, even if it’s short. The best way to promote breaks is to have management set an example and create a great break space. This includes adding well-stocked snacks, drinks, and food from a break room expert.

Gator Refresh is a one-stop-shop for break room services. Our leading vending, micro-market, and office coffee service can transform your break room. That way, it draws employees. Let us make your breaks more effective and boost the bottom line. Call Gator Refresh at 407-538-3586.

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5 Captivating Beverage Vending Options to Quench Thirst in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford

Orlando is home to a wide range of beverage vending options catering to every taste. Let’s explore five distinct choices that will meet the diverse needs of your team. From classic drinks to healthy beverages, there’s something for everyone.

5 Beverage Vending Products to Include in Your Orlando Break Room

Orlando can get very hot. When temperatures climb, your team needs to hydrate. While water is a great choice, variety is the spice of life. Offering a range of drink choices can help keep employees energized and motivated. Discover some of our most popular beverages.

1. The Iconic Classic: Lemonade

Sweet and tangy, you can’t go wrong with lemonade. Sip on a classic by picking Minute Maid Lemonade. This beverage vending favorite captures the timeless goodness of zesty lemons.

Employees will love being able to find this classic drink in your Orlando break room. Add it to your drink vending machine or Orlando office pantry.

2. Unleash Energy with Red Bull

Do you need an energy boost? Red Bull is the answer. Packed with caffeine and a unique blend of energy-boosting ingredients, Red Bull will get you through the afternoon slump.

Stock Red Bull in your Orlando micro-market. Or, add it to your vending machine. Either way, your employees will reach for this drink when they need a pick-me-up.

3. Hydrate with Powerade

Stay refreshed with Powerade, a hydrating essential among Orlando vending machine drinks. After spending the weekend at the beach or getting in a morning workout, your employees need a lift. Powerade combines electrolytes with a burst of flavor. It’s perfect for quenching thirst on warm Sanford days.

This drink keeps your team cool and hydrated during hectic work days. So, be sure to add it to your Orlando break room.

Orlando Office Pantry | Oviedo Drink Vending Machine | Sanford Snack & Beverage

4. Stay Healthy with Bai Antioxidant Infusion

Are you craving something sweet? Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Bai Antioxidant Infusion. This beverage offers a burst of sweetness without the calories. Plus, it boosts health with a good dose of antioxidant-rich goodness. The drink also has a small amount of caffeine. Grab one for an afternoon pick-me-up or whenever you’re feeling a dip in energy.

Add Bai drinks to your Orlando break room as an excellent healthy beverage option. Orlando employees appreciate being able to make healthy choices at work. Not only does it boost wellness, but it also shows you care. Are you looking for more healthy vending options? Let us know and we’d be happy to help.

5. Smart Sip with Lipton Green Tea

Opt for a smarter choice with Lipton Green Tea. Another healthy drink, savor the refreshing taste of green tea with a hint of natural sweetness. Oviedo employees can choose Lipton Green Tea as a low-calorie and antioxidant-rich option. Green tea can also boost concentration. Just a hint of caffeine also gives you an energy lift.

Add Variety to Your Orlando Beverage Vending Machines with Gator Refresh

When it comes to beverage vending options in the break room, Orlando employees appreciate variety. The more options available, the more likely your team can find a drink they love. Try adding these five beverages to refresh and revitalize your team.

Gator Refresh is here to help you with all of your Orlando beverage vending needs. We’ll help you build a custom menu of beverages your team will love! Contact us at 407-538-3586 to learn more about our beverage vending, micro-market, and office pantry services. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Innovations You’ll Find In Today’s Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Break Rooms

Think the break room is a simple space with old-fashioned equipment and service? Think again! In the Orlando break rooms we service, you’ll see plenty of innovations. It’s integrated into everything we do. It’s in the way we manage stocking your break room. And how we offer the easiest payment options and most current refreshment solutions.

Keep reading to explore just how we innovate to give you the best Oviedo break room.

Innovations in Route Management

Gone are the days when we rolled around with bulk sodas and snacks in delivery trucks. Instead, today we use route management systems. That way we only bring the products needed to your workplace. It’s a great way to boost our efficiency without sacrificing the quality of our service. This keeps our prices low and our service high.

Cashless Payments and Mobile Perks

Most of our Sanford vending machines have technology built in to take more than just cash. They have cashless readers that accept nearly all credit and debit cards. That makes buying fast and secure. You know you can get something you want, even if you don’t have cash.

Orlando Office Single-Cup Coffee | Oviedo Micro-Market Service | Sanford Refreshment Innovations

Some vending machines even have options to order and pay with your mobile phone, making it a touchless experience. And what about offering feedback? Many of our vending machines have QR codes that let you text us your thoughts about snacks or beverages at that machine.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Innovations

Energize with the newest Orlando office coffee service innovation – a bean-to-cup brewer. It’s a corporate cafe shrunk down into a compact coffee machine. It makes specialty coffee drinks such as espresso and lattes. Honestly, it can brew anything a barista can make.

The best part? A bean-to-cup coffee machine offers the sights, smells, and tastes of a coffee shop. Yet, there’s no cost for fancy equipment or coffee-making staff. If that isn’t innovation, we don’t know what is.

Self-Checkout Kiosks in the Oviedo Break Room

One of the newest innovations in this industry is Sanford micro-markets. These are small convenience stores right in the break room. There are edible options all day and night, every day of the year. How? Because of the self-checkout kiosk. Employees shop the micro-market, scan, and pay with any form of payment, including mobile wallets.

There’s more variety than vending and employees can look at items before buying. Plus, we can stock the market to fit your employee’s different tastes based on what is sold at the kiosk. In other words, we’ll customize it even after it’s in your break room.

Advance Your Break Room with Gator Refresh

At Gator Refresh, our goal is to make the break room the best it can be. It’s still a place to refresh, grab a snack, chat with co-workers over coffee, or eat lunch. That won’t change, even as we continue to innovate and bring better service into your workplace.

Contact Gator Refresh to learn more about how we provide the best break rooms in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford. Call us at 407-538-3586. We look forward to sharing our use of technology and modern equipment with you today.

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5 Reasons to Add a Micro-Market to Your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Workplace in 2024

As we begin a new year, give your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford workplace a boost with Gator Refresh. Our micro-markets offer a myriad of benefits. These benefits can improve the mood in your office. They can even help keep your team healthy! Plus, our self-serve markets will fit perfectly into your office break room.

In this blog post, we’ll get into the many reasons why adding a micro-market to your office is a smart move. With a self-serve market, you can make 2024 a bright year for your company!  Plus, learn more about another top break room solution: the office pantry. Here are just a few of the many perks this service offers.

1. A Micro-Market Is Like Vending, But Better

The more choices, the better! Take your Orlando vending service to the next level with a micro-market. Snack vending can only provide a few items. Our Orlando micro-markets offer almost unlimited choices thanks to the open shelves and large coolers. In an open market, your team can find healthy snacks and fresh foods. They can also buy their favorite treats such as candy bars, chips, and refreshing beverages. When you work with Gator Refresh, we help you create a custom menu.

In the self-serve market, employees enjoy unparalleled convenience. That means 24/7 access to a diverse range of snacks, beverages, and fresh meals. Plus, they can view items, including nutrition facts, before purchasing. Then, customers check out the micro-market kiosk.

Say goodbye to restricted break times. Say hello to a break room oasis that fits busy schedules. You can walk in and buy a snack or full lunch within minutes.

2. Enjoy Better Office Snacks with Subsidized Micro-Markets

Orlando Snack Vending| Oviedo Micro-Markets | Sanford Office Pantry

Boost your team’s morale with Gator Refresh’s amazing subsidized micro-markets. With this option, your company covers part of the cost of food and snacks. In other words, your team can save money in your Orlando break room.

Everyone loves paying less. Paying for a portion of refreshments is an excellent perk. Plus, it can help boost workplace culture.

Help your team make better choices by subsidizing healthy office snacks. When your employees eat healthy food, they feel better! We offer a wide range of healthy snacks for office break rooms. Offer gluten-free options or low-fat snacks. Or, add whole-grain options. We can also add salads and fresh fruit to the glass front coolers.

3. Boost Morale with Hybrid Micro-Markets that Offer Free Food in Office

Embrace innovation with Gator Refresh’s hybrid micro-markets. What is this Oviedo break room service? With this service, your company offers some items for free. It makes both paid and free snacks and foods available to your team.

It blends the best of traditional snack vending with the flexibility of a self-serve market. Free food in the office can boost company morale. Plus, free snacks can help energize your team.

You can also incentivize healthy choices this way. Make the healthy snacks free. That way, your team will choose to eat the healthy items.

4. Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Micro-Markets Are Cost-Effective

Orlando Office Break Room | Oviedo Healthy Snacks | Sanford Micro-Markets

An open market is a cost-effective solution for Sanford businesses of all sizes. On the plus side, your team gets easy access to fresh food, snacks, and beverages. The other plus is you don’t have to break your budget to do it! Let us know what your budget is. We’d be happy to help you choose the best option for your needs.

In any case, a self-serve market helps increase employee satisfaction. When chatting in the market, your team can also create a sense of community. You can do all of this and more for a low cost.

It’s a win-win solution!

5. The Ultimate Modern Office Break Room Solution: an Office Pantry

Go even further by adding an office pantry to your Orlando, Oviedo, or Sanford break room. Similar to an office kitchen, an office pantry serves your team free snacks and beverages.

We’ll keep your office pantry fully stocked and manage it for you. Plus, we’ll tailor your kitchen office to your team’s tastes. With free office snacks and beverages, you create a space where your employees feel valued and energized.

Your Partner in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Micro-Markets

Gator Refresh is your local partner for all of your break room needs. This year is the perfect time to add a micro-market to your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford workplace. Get in touch to learn about our different break room options. Your employees will love the outcome! Contact us at 407-538-3586 to learn more about our micro-market, and office pantry services. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Healthy Vending Trends to Try in Your Break Room

Healthy vending machines are must-haves in your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford break room. They benefit both employees and businesses. Healthy snacks support your staff’s health and wellness. Nutritional foods can also boost productivity and employee satisfaction. Thus, work output and retention improve.

Gator Refresh’s snack vending machines make it easy for employees to feel their best. They have 24/7 access to affordable and healthy options.

Want to add healthy snacks to your break room? Here are some tasty trends to try.

Baked Snacks

Employees want to stay healthy. But some also want to satisfy their salt cravings. Therefore, baked snacks are a great option. Most have fewer calories and less saturated fats than traditional choices. Enjoy salty snacks while keeping your waistline trim.

We can stock the Orlando vending machine with baked chips. These come in tons of flavors to meet many tastes. Or, we can add pretzels and popcorn. These are great lunchtime sides!

Protein-Packed Healthy Vending Snacks

Protein helps employees power through their workdays. It also helps them maintain a healthy weight. That’s because protein curbs hunger. Employees will feel full between meals.

Offer protein-rich vending snacks. There are plenty to try! For instance, try cheese sticks or jerky. You can also offer nuts. Almonds and cashews are packed with protein.

Have an Oviedo micro-market? Ask for hard-boiled eggs and Greek yogurt. Feta and hummus are also great options. They’re stuffed with protein! Employees can grab quality on-site foods for lunch. This saves them time from driving to the store. Thus, it improves productivity. Employees will focus on their work, not driving.

Orlando Micro-Market & Vending | Oviedo Healthy Office Pantry | Sanford Break Room Water Filters

All-Natural Vending Snacks

Many employees want to eat all-natural foods, which can promote workplace wellness. That’s because all-natural snacks can improve heart health. Studies also show they can be good for your brain too!

What types of natural snacks work well in the workplace? Dried fruits or nuts are great. You can also get trail mix. These all-natural vending options are sure to please! Have a Sanford office pantry service? Add all-natural snacks to that so employees can enjoy them for free.

Want to help employees stay hydrated? Ask Gator Refresh about our all-natural beverages. We carry bottled water and 100% juices. Or, get canned sparkling drinks.

Need a different solution? No problem! An Orlando water filtration service is a great healthy beverage option. It removes chemicals, so the water tastes fresh. We have countertop and floor-standing systems so our water filters fit break rooms of all sizes. They even have hot and cold spigots. Thus, you can add fresh water to your glass or make some hot tea.

Gator Refresh Is Your One-Stop Shop for Healthy Vending Snacks

In conclusion, healthy vending options can improve your workplace. Employees will eat healthier. Thus, they may take fewer sick days. They’ll also stay focused. Healthy snacks are also a powerful retention tool.

Gator Refresh offers many nutritional items. We have baked and all-natural snacks. We also carry bottled water and juice. Or, get a water filtration system.

Contact us today at 407-538-3586 for more information. Ask us about our vending, micro-market, and office coffee service solutions. We hope to hear from you soon!

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5 Reasons to Add a Healthy Vending Machine in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford

Central Florida is home to vibrant communities and thriving businesses. That’s why Gator Refresh is a leader in break room services. One solution gaining popularity is healthy vending machines in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford. This break room service offers better for you snacks.

Why should you add this solution to your Orlando, Oviedo, or Sanford break room? Here are five reasons to add healthy vending machines to your break room.

1) Healthy Vending Machines Make Happier Employees

Eating healthier boosts your mood! Want happy employees? Offer healthy food and snacks!

The link between nutrition and mood is well-established. Research shows that what we eat has a big impact on our emotional well-being.

Providing healthy food and snacks in your Orlando workplace can contribute to happier employees. We fill our healthy vending machines with your favorite healthy foods. Try whole-grain snacks and low-fat items. Or, stock up on low or zero-sugar beverages. It’s up to you! We will create a custom menu for you.

2) Increase Productivity with a Healthy Vending Machine in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford

San Antonio Fresh Food | Helotes Employee Benefit | Leon Valley Vending Machines

Not eating well affects your employees when they’re trying to get work done. Instead of crushing their “to-do” lists, they’re distracted by a grumbling belly. Help boost your team’s productivity with better snacks and drinks. Healthy refreshments are better for their minds and bodies!

Poor eating habits can lead to energy crashes. Plus, unhealthy foods can make it hard to focus. That’s why healthy food is such a game changer! A healthy vending machine is an excellent Orlando vending solution. It makes it easy for your team to find snacks that are good for physical and mental health.

3) Boost Employee Health with a Healthy Vending Machine in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford

Did you know that a healthy diet can boost your immune system? That means that you can eliminate some sick days! Sick days mean your workplace loses a full day of productivity. Plus, being sick is no fun at all. Prevent sick days with better overall health! This is a great strategy for your whole team.

An Orlando healthy vending machine can help your staff improve their diets. We can even add healthy vending machine snacks that are healthier than your team’s favorite office snacks. Do your employees love chips? Try lightly salted popcorn instead. It’s a great source of fiber and very tasty. Or perhaps your team loves candy bars. Offer dark chocolate instead! It is lower in fat and sugar. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with healthy office snack vending machines!

4) Show Your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Company Cares

If you offer healthy alternatives, it shows you thought beyond, “Let’s throw a vending machine in the break room.” Instead, it says, “What if we offered some gluten-free or low-carb options for those who want it?”

Healthy snacks for office break rooms are a wonderful employee perk. It shows you pay attention to your team’s needs. Many employees have dietary restrictions. Others may simply want to live a healthier lifestyle.

San Antonio In-House Deli | Helotes Fresh Food Vending Machines | Leon Valley Touchless Technology

Go above and beyond vending machine healthy snacks. You can offer even more with our Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford micro-markets. A micro-market is an open market where your team can find hundreds of foods. Offer salads, sandwiches, and other fresh foods! Plus, employees can pick up items and check nutrition labels.

5) Encourage Positive Company Culture

When people get along in the office, they also work better together. Boost company culture by upgrading your office break room. Food and drinks are always a great way to increase friendships in your Orlando office.

Employees love a place to chat! Your team can talk by the vending machine. Or, they might brainstorm while picking up some snacks from your Orlando office pantry.

Gator Refresh: Your Partner in Healthy Vending Machines

When you bring a healthy vending machine to the break room, you do more than offer healthier snacks. You also promote employee well-being, productivity, and community. Healthy snacks can boost mental and physical health and productivity. It benefits everyone!

Are you ready to get started? Gator Refresh is here to help! We take care of everything. Before you know it, your employees will enjoy easy-to-access and healthy snacks. Get in touch at 407-538-3586 or online. You can book your free product sampling as well! We look forward to sharing more about our vending, micro-market, and office pantry services.

Orlando Break Room Upgrades | Oviedo Employee Benefits | Sanford Refresh Office Snacks

4 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Break Room

Does your Orlando, Oviedo & Sanford break room need a refresh? If so, Gator Refresh can give it a boost. Modern break room solutions create a comfortable and welcoming space. Thus, more employees will use it. They’ll take more mini-breaks, relax, and return to their desks feeling recharged.

Keep reading to learn four ways Gator Refresh can refresh your break room.

1. Upgrade to Healthy Vending

Employees want to feel their best. Promote workplace wellness with healthy snacks. Gator Refresh can add these to your Orlando vending machines. We offer countless choices. For instance, get protein snacks or plant-based goodies. Stay hydrated with vitamin drinks. These help employees feel fuller for longer. Therefore, they won’t overeat at their next meal. Plus, healthy snacks keep employees energized.

Gator Refresh makes healthy habits simple! We can label better-for-you items in your break room so they are easy to identify.

2. Refresh Your Break Room with a Subsidized Micro-Market

Consider a subsidized Oviedo micro-market to refresh your break room and reward employees. These are small, unmanned convenience stores where employees can choose from hundreds of options. They can buy brand-name snacks or get fresh food. Additionally, they can skip checkout lines by using a self-checkout kiosk. Pay with cash, a card, or your mobile wallet.

Subsidized micro-markets allow the employer to cover some or all costs. Employees can enjoy free food or deep discounts. They can save money and stay healthy. It’s a great way to show your appreciation! Or, subsidize your micro-market for special events. Offer employees free food on their birthdays.

3. Upgrade to Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Single-Cup Coffee

Employees LOVE coffee. So, why not make your Sanford office coffee service extra special? Upgrade to a single-cup brewer that makes a cup of coffee by the pod. Thus, the coffee is guaranteed to be fresh. Users can pick their favorite flavors. There’s a brew for everyone! Lastly, single-cup brewers stop coffee waste. Employees make the perfect amount just for them and not more than the office can drink.

Orlando Micro-Market | Oviedo Vending Machines | Sanford Refresh Office Coffee

4. Add the Finishing Touches

Want to boost your break room on a budget? Add artwork! You can buy affordable prints and frames at big-box stores. Choose calming images of the ocean. Or, get artwork featuring soothing colors.

You can also add some greenery, adding live plants to your break room. These help employees feel calm. They also improve indoor air quality. Hang a plant in the window. Or, include some fresh flowers on the countertop. Voila! Employees can enjoy an instantly refreshed break room.

Gator Refresh Will Refresh Your Break Room

An updated break room can improve employee satisfaction. Plus, adding healthy snacks supports employees’ well-being. Gator Refresh makes Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford break rooms better. Ask us about our micro-market, vending, and office coffee services.

Contact us today by calling 407-538-3586 for more information. Enjoy a refreshed break room in no time!

Orlando Office Coffee Service | Oviedo Bean to Cup | Sanford Employee Benefits

Why Choose a Bean to Cup Office Coffee Service for Your Orlando, Oviedo & Sanford Break Room

The scent of freshly brewed coffee can perk up your Orlando, Oviedo & Sanford team. A bean to cup coffee machine ensures you always get the freshest cup of coffee. This coffee machine for office break rooms is popular with good reason.

Discover why a bean to cup office coffee service might be the best choice for your workplace.

3 Reasons a Bean to Cup Office Coffee Service is Right for Your Orlando, Oviedo & Sanford Workplace

What is a bean to cup coffee machine? A bean to cup machine grinds coffee beans on demand just before brewing. Did you know that as soon as coffee beans are ground, they start losing flavor? Grinding your coffee beans immediately before brewing coffee offers a richer, more flavorful cup of coffee. Not to mention the wonderful aroma it creates!

Here are three reasons a bean to cup office coffee service is the right choice for your Orlando, Oviedo or Sanford office break room:

1) Your Team Includes Coffee Connoisseurs

Do your employees love a quality cup of coffee? If your team drinks specialty coffees like macchiato or cappuccino, a bean to cup coffee machine is an excellent choice. Plus, you won’t have stale coffee! It’s as fresh as can be because of the way this machine works.

Save staff a trip to the café with our Orlando, Oviedo & Sanford bean to cup service.

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2) Aesthetics Matter to Your Team

Our Azkoyen Vitro X5 brewer in particular is a favorite for this. It’s minimalist and sleek with a user-friendly touchscreen. The contemporary design makes it a pleasure to not only use but to view as well!

Plus, it’s our best bean to cup coffee machine. The Azkoyen Coffee Machine makes everyone’s favorite coffee. Making a personalized cup is easy. Simply choose the coffee size, your favorite drink, and the coffee beans you prefer. Your drink will rival that of your favorite café.

3) You Have a Fairly Large Office

Despite being a countertop coffee machine, the Azkoyen Vitro X5 bean to cup machine can make up to 250 cups per day. It’s not a huge piece of machinery but can keep up with a fairly large office. You could even install more than one if you have multiple levels of offices!

A major bonus with this style of coffee machine is that there is never cold, stale coffee. Each person gets a fresh cup each time.

Upgrade Your Orlando, Oviedo & Sanford Break Room with Our Office Coffee Service and More!

While your team is enjoying a tasty coffee, chances are they’d also love a snack. Our Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford office coffee service pairs perfectly with other break room solutions. Why not add a micro-market or office pantry? A micro-market creates a mini store in your office break room. There, employees can purchase fresh food, snacks, and beverages.

Orlando Office Refreshments | Oviedo Breakroom Coffee Service | Sanford Single Cup Brewer

Similarly, our Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford office pantry service brings food to the break room. With this employee perk, your team can access free snacks and beverages. Fueling your team keeps them energized and motivated.

Another upgrade to consider is our water filtration service. Enjoy fresh water at the push of a button with Gator Refresh! The ION Bottleless Water Cooler can be used to make your hot coffee taste even fresher. Plus, it keeps your team hydrated. In fact, employees can add flavor enhancements for an even tastier cup of water. We also have Follet ice and water dispensers to keep larger offices hydrated and healthy year-round.

Gator Refresh is Your Partner for All Break Room Needs

When you need an office coffee service near me, Gator Refresh is here to help. Our bean to cup Coffee machine features a convenient top-loading bean grinder that grinds beans during the brewing process. Your team will love drinking the freshest, tastiest coffee.

We are committed to providing top-notch service to businesses in Central Florida and Orlando. Let us know how we can help improve your break room! Contact us at 407-538-3586 to learn more about our office coffee, micro-market, and office pantry services.