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Why an Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Vending Service is the Ultimate Company Morale Boost

Your break room brings many benefits to your office. One of the best benefits is that it can boost morale. How? It offers a relaxing space and tasty refreshments. That way, your team can find their favorite snacks and beverages. A candy bar or healthy snack from the vending machine are excellent options for keeping your team energized and happy. When your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford employees are in a better mood, they’re more productive.

If you’ve been following our social media, we’ve been providing the latest tips and tricks for boosting company morale and energy levels. Here’s a summary of them in one blog!

Vending Services in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Promote Authentic Breaks

Picture this. You have a steaming cup of coffee and your favorite bag of trail mix. It’s the ideal break!

Orlando Healthy Vending | Snack Machines | Cold Beverages

Pausing for a real, genuine break is worth it. Research shows that authentic breaks enhance productivity. What is an authentic break? It’s a break where you’re fully disconnected from work. In other words, you step away from your desk and take a moment to yourself. You might have a well-deserved snack, hydrate with a beverage from the drink vending machine, or go for a quick walk. Vending machines in Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford can remind your team to take breaks.

You can even promote health and wellness with our Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford healthy vending machines. Employees can find whole-grain snacks and low-sugar options that match their lifestyles.

Encourage an Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Work Bestie with Vending Services

Do workplace relationships matter? Yes, they definitely do. Workplace engagement is much higher when employees have good friends in the workplace. This is especially important for women. How can you help create positive workplace relationships?

Your Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford break room can help build friendships. Your employees might even find a workplace best friend. It’s a real thing (look it up!).

Providing a great spot for breaks can help. That way, friends can enjoy a cup of coffee together in a comfortable space. Or, add quality snacks to encourage friends to take a break together. Adding a beverage vending machine to a break room is also a great idea. That way, friends can grab a water or cold drink after going for a quick mid-day walk.

Boost Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford Company Morale with a Vending Machine or Micro-Market

Ovideo Vending Machines | Sanford Vending Services | Soda MachinesSnacks? Beverages? Food? Maybe a few snack vending machines? Check, check, check! If you have these options in your break room, you’re set! Refreshments help create a gathering spot that encourages “water cooler” chats. This can boost camaraderie among employees.

Are you ready to bring on the good vibes in your break room? Consider adding a micro-market. Orlando, Oviedo, and Sanford micro-markets bring so much more to the break room. This break room service gives employees access to many healthy items. From snacks to beverages and fresh food, you can find almost anything in a micro-market Orlando. Employees pay at an easy to use kiosk. It’s very similar to a grocery store self-checkout. On hectic days, a vending machine or micro-market is very convenient. It truly shows that your company puts employee well-being first.

Why Choose Gator Refresh for Your Refreshment Needs

Steer clear of empty vending machines and vacant coolers. You want a classy break room. That’s what you’ll get with Gator Refresh. We maintain fully stocked inventory through remote monitoring and regular in-person visits.

We also employ ZippyAssist. It’s a platform that enables you to send us text messages for anything. Let us know when there’s an issue or if you have a product request. When something is up, we’ll be right there! Our response time for addressing problems is only 2 hours. So, “Why wouldn’t you choose Gator Refresh?

With our focus on the future, you’ll leave outdated equipment behind. You can rest assured that you’ll experience the best in Orlando vending technology.

Can’t afford break room services? That’s okay! We are authorized resellers of Seaga vending machines. That way, you can still bring snacks to the break room. Ask us to learn more!

Gator Refresh is dedicated to delivering best-in-class service to businesses throughout Central Florida and Orlando. Let’s collaborate to tailor refreshment solutions that align perfectly with your needs. Get in touch today at 407-538-3586.

Orlando Break Room | Benefits of Gum | Office Refreshment

Gum in the Orlando Break Room Offers Many Benefits

Gator Refresh offers gum in nearly all our solutions for Orlando break rooms. Yet, being so common, and small, it is overlooked as a workplace perk. In reality, gum has a big impact for such a little item. And that goes beyond freshening breath after some delicious office coffee. So what is so special about it? We’re glad you asked. Keep reading to find out the numerous benefits of gum.

Top Benefits of Gum

Fights Drowsiness
Everyone has those days when it’s hard to stay awake. If that’s you, try chewing gum from the Orlando vending machine. It’s been found to improve alertness. Specifically, mint flavor gum makes you feel more awake. It’s perfect for combating drowsiness after lunch or the mid-day slump.

Improves Memory
The act of chewing gum increases blood flow to the brain. More blood equals better memory so fewer details fall through the cracks. Who knew a small item in the bottom of an Orlando vending machine could be so impactful?

Orlando Micro-Market | Vending Machine Gum | Office Coffee Benefits

Burns Calories
Chewing gum burns about 11 calories an hour, which can add up to a lot over a workday. Plus, gum can help with another challenge we all have – mindless eating. Workers can chew gum at their desks to keep from unconscious snacking. That means having it in the Orlando break room is a great way to support staff’s healthy lifestyle goals.

Reduces Heartburn
Common ailments such as heartburn can distract and irritate employees. But gum can help. Gum gives them a quick fix. It’s been shown to relieve the symptoms of heartburn. With its other advantages, it’s no wonder it’s one of the top-selling items in any Orlando break room.

Cleans Teeth
Chew gum for 20 minutes after a meal and enjoy healthier teeth! It removes food debris that can get stuck between teeth. Plus, it encourages saliva flow, which benefits tooth enamel.

Build on the Benefits of Gum

Build a wellness program for your Orlando break room that starts with gum, but expands into other health benefits! There are all kinds of ways to bring nutritious and helpful snacks into the workplace. Some of our vending machines in Orlando are wellness specific. Cashless payments at the vending machine make it an easy-to-use, modern solution for Orlando employees.

Another way to support your staff is with a micro-market. The open concept allows for a greater variety of snacks and drinks to be in your Orlando break room. That includes many healthy on-the-go choices and a selection of gum flavors.

For all our refreshment services in Orlando, Gator Refresh offers the best service. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology, such as remote monitor inventory, in order to offer convenient, quick service. It’s our aim to arrive within 2 hours or less!

While Gator Refresh offers many different break room solutions, offering gum is an easy way to boost employee health, along with increasing company culture! Your staff deserves the “little” things, which end up being the “big” things in the long run. So give Gator Refresh a call at 407-538-3586.